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  About Farrington's

People today think about how the products they buy impact our world and communities. Fair trade, recycled, and sustainable are important considerations for consumers-as important as price, style, and quality-when they purchase goods.

As a fair trade/earth friendly store since 2005, Farrington's provides a unique shopping experience that focuses on the positive difference one's purchases can have on people in developing countries and our environment. All of our products address one or more of the following:

    Fair Trade - Artisans in developing countries receive living (fair) wages for their hand made goods, work in safe conditions, and have the opportunity to compete in the global marketplace while improving their living standards and preserving their culture

    Recycled - Products are re-purposed or made of up-cycled materials

    Sustainable - Products provide environmental and social benefits over their life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials through final disposal

At Farrington's we believe that high style needn't be compromised when making a positive difference. Our products are chosen with an eye for quality craftsmanship and exciting detail - all fair trade, recycled, and sustainable. Great design, greater impact.


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